Santa Cruz Short Sale Agents

Short Sale Help for Underwater Homeowners! 
Do you owe more on your home than it is now worth?  Santa Cruz County short sale agents are here to help you.  If a short sale is the best option for you, your Santa Cruz County-short sale agent can help you list your home and negotiate with your short sale lender.
So how does a Santa Cruz county short sale work?  Let's say you bought your home in 2005 for $700,000 and in today's market it is only worth $500,000.  In order for you to sell your home with out making up the difference yourself, your lender is going to have to approve the sale and waive the deficiency amount, and hopefully not hold you responsible for the difference.
If you decide that a short sale is the best option for you (instead of deed in lieu or foreclosure) then you should set up a meeting with a Santa Cruz county short sale agent and an attorney.  Your short sale listing agent will do a study to see what your home is worth in today's market and price it accordingly.  Once your short sale Realtor has procured a qualified buyer with a written contract, you then forward the offer and all of your pertinent financial information and short sale hardship letter to your lender.
It may take your short sale lender many months to process this paperwork and decide if they will approve the short sale.  If they come back with a written short sale approval letter, we then have the go ahead to start the escrow process and the buyer will secure their financing.
Obtaining a short sale approval letter can take time, but it is what your Santa Cruz short sale agents are working towards for you.  
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